Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today is a Links from Others day! That’s because it’s really a Friday here on the regular Folderol – we’re taking tomorrow and (actual) Friday off. Fear not, however, because tomorrow we’re beginning an Advent Special right here, which will get posted each day. Stay tuned.

Julie sent in all kinds of great stuff over the last week, such as:

-- the return of the Great Bed!

-- the opening of the Super Library! (It looks a little like a Jawa Sandcrawler.)

-- historical newspapers now online!


-- more discoveries at Stonehenge!

Cassandra sends in a chilling report on Rio’s police forces.

Zazoo sends in a wacky report on the Muppets performing on X Factor.

Satori sends in a fantastic report on new traffic signs appearing in New York – in haiku form. I think every city should adopt this standard!

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