Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street’s library is in shambles, despite what the mayor’s office says.

Also, here’s a lawyer saying librarians are unnecessary.

Depressed yet? Sheesh.

In brighter news, twelve libraries and museums have been chosen as “learning lab sites” and the Library of Congress continues its trend of being fantastic by launching ViewShare.

Have you ever wondered what time is best for posting online? For maximum readership, consult this handy “is the internet awake?” chart.

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Anonymous said...

RE: Unnecessary librarians

This made me snort hot tea out of my nose:

"After the digital revolution, California's budget woes turned obsolete librarians into unemployed ones. But librarians are not alone in their suffering. Budget cuts have claimed many victims. University students suffer from ever-increasing fees, state and city employees lose retirement benefits, and teachers lose jobs. Countless other examples exist. Librarians must realize that they are not special; they too bear this burden."

Although it is true that we must adapt to survive, those who state with such conviction that job and careers losses, to technology or budget cuts, are simply the way of the world, tend to change their attitudes when their careers(or labor unions) are suddenly targeted.