Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Librarian in Black tells some truly creepy stories about stalking in the library and even at library conferences. Keep spreading the word and fighting back.

It is Movember (Bunny tells me he’s going to try to participate, just for kicks) and it’s also American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.  Also something about turkeys, I think.

English needs to steal some more words, and here’s a starter list! I think I could use all of these. I can definitely use "tartle."

For those of us who love old glamorous photos, I point you to Old Hollywood. Gorgeous stuff, especially their Halloween postings.

Tomorrow: links from others, plus the weekend! Huzzah!

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Anonymous said...

RE: Library creepers
I think, in public libraries especially, librarians are not respected because they do not generate revenue --for whatever institution they represent--in a measurable way. Of course, they contribute to the betterment of society, but where are their dollar signs to prove it. ; )

A few members of the public think, “I pay your salary with my tax money” so shake it, baby, shake it! They seem to think they are paying for a service, so we are to service them, in more ways than one.

On occasion, a board member may too become intoxicated with their board power. “I donate my time to this organization bitch! SO Take off your dress and dance for me!”
Others just view public librarians as an easy target for their frustrations.

Librarians generally avoid conflict, that’s why they work in libraries instead of earning the big bucks slitting the competitions ‘throats for fortune 500 companies. They tend to enjoy a truly loving and peaceful atmosphere, which could make them easy prey for the angry library user.

It’s sad that these sick few disrupt the lives of so many. Instead of carrying mace, librarians should carry macelike containers that dispense deafening “SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” ssss, causing the eardrums of assholes everywhere to gush with blood.
I betcha that would put a stop to it in a hurry.

(I’m sorry, but I am loving the eardrums of assholes.) Hmmm…I wonder if, in another galaxy, literal assholes could have eardrums. Or, if eardrums would be the assholes, so instead of calling an asshole an asshole, they’d be called eardrums. “He is such an eardrum.” But, I digress….