Thursday, November 10, 2011

Add London to the growing list of cities hosting an Occupy library! I hope the occupiers are careful when they take books to their tents, though – according to a 1908 article, reading in bed can be quite dangerous.

The latest plagiarism scandal is almost confounding: a would-be author cobbled together sentences, paragraphs and even entire pages of spy novels to fashion a thriller...of sorts. It’s rather amazing. (See side-by-side comparisons here!)

I initially read that the Hipstery specialized in “mystery t-shirts” and thought they meant mystery novels. But no! It is even cooler than that! And not really book-related at all, but I’m linking it here anyway.

Our giveaway is almost over; many thanks to everyone who’s been participating. Below, some bloopers from our attempts at running a proper contest drawing.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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