Thursday, August 25, 2011

Okay, the earthquake was pretty minor compared to what people in California and Japan experience on a near-daily basis. But tell that to the people who had to reshelve the 13,000 books that fell off the shelves at the University of Maryland library!

The big news in law librarian land is that Bloomberg has made a bid to buy BNA, which is a major player in the world of legal news providers. Librarians, re-start your budgets...

On Firmer Ground is a new weblog geared toward law libraries and how they're handling themselves in a rapidly-changing world. It's good to know you're not alone sometimes!

Here's a new question to ask yourself: am I beer-worthy? This is in a lawyer context, but hey, let's all ask ourselves anyway.

Google+ is adding more share capabilities, which should be interesting. (If anyone wants a Google+ invite, incidentally, let me know -- I have a bunch.)

What happens when digital data becomes obsolete? Fortunately, people are finally tackling the problem.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

RE: Beer worthy

"Let's face it, many lawyers are introverts. They feel more comfortable working at their desks than at a networking reception filled with strangers and awkward moments. Perhaps this is why introverts are drawn to the idea of social networking and business development through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook."

Wow. Ok. Well. Maybe. Some of them, some of the time. But, what about the majority of lawyers who corner poor, unsuspecting introverted librarians, attempting to regale them with tales of their court room prowess, or their deft handling of opposing counsel's S.O.B. attorney,or how they STUCK IT HARD to the asshole neighbor who wouldn't cut his or her grass? Bragging about how the man accused of busting a two-year-old's jaw bone is free to walk, because, they just didn't have the proof, punctuating the story with reminders that if it weren't for his sharp mind,quick wit, and powerful connections, the perp would be in jail right now as we speak!

So, ok, I admit, I've met a few attorney's who fit the author's description, but those with Abe Lincoln's personality couldn't cope in the business today. I think. Maybe. I could change my mind tomorrow. teehee