Monday, July 18, 2011

It is Monday, and we're at the beginning of a week-long heat wave here, so let us hunker down in the cool and read about art and the like.

Woody Guthrie would have turned 99 last week. Plans are underway for a centennial celebration!

NPR's story on space age design led me to the Space Age Museum, which unfortunately is not open to the public but looks amazing.

Also amazing, though for different reasons, is Slate's slideshow of mushroom cloud postcards. Wow.

A new series of U.S. postage stamps honors industrial designers and their products. Streamlining galore!

Tiny paper sculptures featuring writer Ian Rankin have appeared in several places throughout Great Britain, and no one knows who's doing it. This is, of course, all kinds of awesome.

Not so awesome, but not really too surprising: Danish ballet dancers may have taken cocaine! I am shocked and appalled that substance abuse may be going on in the rarefied world of dance!

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