Tuesday, July 05, 2011

If you are not a member of a steampunk league/troop/squadron/gang/whathaveyou, look at all the fun you are missing! This photo, courtesy of Mr. W.B., is from last weekend's League of Cincinnati Steampunks salon.

The League is on Facebook, as are many, many, MANY others. The good man behind the Steampunk Tribune has taken it upon himself to list all of them; here is part 2 of the list. (Part 3, which follows soon after, is a list of airship pages on Facebook. We are legion!)

Quebec is beginning a new era in waste management, one pioneered in Sweden and labeled...steampunk. (Pneumatics and vacumms are involved.)

Meanwhile, over at the Steampunk Opera, they've done a lovely four-part series on the Golden Dawn.

And finally, something which has no real connection to steampunk, but features two inventions of the 19th century: baseball teams as ice cream flavors. Ha!

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