Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May the Fourth be with you. This weekend brings us all sorts of wacky events. Hooray!

In America, the Kentucky Derby Festival is already underway (tomorrow the steamboat races begin) and culminates in the actual horse race on Saturday. Get your mint juleps ready.

Moving eastward, Baltimore celebrates its annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, while Rochester has a weekend of imagination and wonderful ideas prepared.

Fellow librarian Chris Z. is excited, for Eurovision season is about to begin! (Someone really needs to get going on providing a decent way for us Yanks to watch the fun.)If you're looking for other entertainment on the continent, Belgium is having its Lion's Scarecrow competition (no English translation available, but there are webcams, which speak the universal language of video) and Italy celebrates the Inverdurata festival of vegetable mosaics and more.


Anonymous said...

Zazoo is running in the Oaks race (part of the KY Derby festivities) on Friday.

Sparkle Queen said...

Yay! I'll wear white any time of year, but I won't drink a mint julep until Derby Day.

Jinnet said...

Ha, I had no idea the Sparkle Queen was a derby girl!