Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm still catching up from being gone, but others are just warming up for the World Steam Expo, which takes place this weekend in Michigan! Catch it if you can; it sounds like a great time.

If you're staying at home this weekend, however, there are all sorts of great things to read. Jess Nevins tells the story of Dr. Livingstone, while Bookflaps posts a dictionary of flapper-era vocabulary (apparently I am a "rock of ages" -- sheesh), and Bibliomania has the entirety of Brewer's Phrase & Fable, an amazing Victorian-era publication which can inspire many a steampunk tale, available for reading!

For additional fun, you can vote on who had the best facial hair in the Civil War, thanks to the Smithsonian, and you can view the graphs Florence Nightingale created as part of her reports on the state of medicine. (Who knew she had such design skills, in additional to her other attributes?)

Coming up: photos of the Way Station, plus the deadline for book giveaways!

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