Thursday, May 26, 2011

I went away for a week and missed a whole lot of library drama! To wit:

Seth Godin talked about the future (or lack thereof) for libraries -- while he thinks we still need librarians, libraries aren't as important any longer. Then Canada's Globe and Mail weighed in with their thoughts about librarians. Meanwhile, the University of Chicago started using robots in their new futuristic library. Golly!

And then, the Library of Congress unveiled its National Jukebox, showing that a) there is still a lot to be digitized and put online before people start saying everything is available on the interwebs, and b) there's a lot of human effort going on behind the scenes every day which the general public doesn't see.

In other, nonlibrary news: As the exhumation of Salvador Allende gets underway, there's a suggestion that poet Pablo Neruda may have been assassinated and should be exhumed as well.

And, lastly, I discovered the BBC Academy's College of Journalism and wanted to share the wealth.

Tomorrow: links from others! And also the deadline for all those book giveaways, so if you want a book, chime in quick on the relevant post.

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