Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone! Sorry I didn't post yesterday; here are two days' worth of links to make up for it.

First, the library-related material. Did you know THOMAS (the legal research part of the Library of Congress) is now on Twitter? Now you do!

Another new fantastic development is the digital archiving of reports from the Jewish News Archive, dating back to 1923. As you can imagine, the material can be harrowing. It's available for free searching, which is wonderful.

Everything is online, right? Right? Librarians everywhere cringe when they hear that. It's one of the top five myths about the information age.

Bill Lucey details the changes coming to Catholic services; the language is changing to better reflect the original Latin, evidently. (Expect masses in the near future to feature a lot of mumbling by the congregation!)

And now, on to Friday, featuring links sent in, by, or for others. Thanks, all!

From Bunny: The experience of "dining blind" comes to Cincinnati this weekend, and sounds intriguing.

From Chuck, via Cassandra: The aliens are visiting Asia these days instead of the U.S. They're also calling, apparently. The bill must be astronomical. (Hahahaha!)

From Josie: New York City in the 1980s; kind of dirty, kind of dangerous, kind of awesome.

The Social Security Administration has released the top baby names of 2010! The Baby Name Wizard has the full list. It's baby season; congrats to Holly and Beth on the arrivals of Hazel and Beatrix, respectively!

Rob has a wonderful post on the power of words. Definitely worth your time.

Boey of iamboey is working on a book! Want to help? (Isn't Kickstarter great?)

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you next week.

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