Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hi there! Today we have happy perky library links, instead of the doom and gloom that's often the case when discussing the future of the profession. I didn't plan it that way, it just seems to be a quirky week.

For instance, a hawk got into the Reading Room at the Library of Congress, which led to all sorts of shenanigans. Two starlings, named Frick and Frack, were called in for assistance!

Meanwhile, the Washington DC area is commended for its new library designs. (Hawks are not usually included.)

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library debuted its digital archives; more material will be added.

Glenna Herald continues her series about Twitter and libraries -- check it out!

The University of Cincinnati has launched an online exhibit about the Cincinnati Stock Exchange, which operated from 1914 to 1995. Lots of photos and articles and information!

I'm fascinated by these photos of Australian criminals from the 1920s. The site links to the New South Wales repository, which includes crime scene photos as well.

And finally, here's a wonderful commercial from the Finnish Library Association! See you tomorrow.

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