Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Thursday. Here are some links to what's making the rounds in librarian weblogs and emails!

Flavorwire gathered up photos of the home libraries of celebrities. I think I like Karl Lagerfeld's the best, but am intrigued by Diane Keaton's. (I think Keaton needs more books, though. And more furniture.)

The annual list of most literate cities in America is out. Cincinnati just missed the top ten this year. (This list always strikes me as odd, but fascinating.)

Is it time for Library Renewal? Get involved!

If you're a European librarian and cyclist, consider Cycling for Libraries, an "unconference" to take place on the roads between Copenhagen and Berlin.

The New York Times is chronicling the Civil War in their Disunion project, which is all sorts of interesting.

And finally, just for fun: why not consider some obscure Christian names, in light of the Pope's recent encouragement to use saint names for children? (I know a Jezebel! And a Dorcas! It's true!)

Tomorrow: links from others!

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