Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 2011, everyone! We are back from the sea and sun (see the photos over on the Flickr badge) and ready to go. Many thanks to everyone who sent in links while I was gone -- today is a special bonus "links from others" day as a result!

If Dr. Seuss had done a book based on Star Wars...(Cassandra)

No pardon for Billy the Kid after all. (Julie)

The Romantic poets and the scientists of the era are compared and contrasted in a great book I'm reading. (Cassandra, who also lent me the book!)

Coney Island's iconic "Shoot the Freak" was accidentally demolished. Oops. (Zazoo)

Musical instruments made of ice? Yes! (Are the venues for the concerts kept at freezing? The article doesn't say!) (Julie)

Searching for Sasquatch in Minnesota. (Cassandra)

The psychology of "trolleyology" and how it works in wartime. (Cassandra)

And finally, a few new websites to check out in this new year:

Everyone knows there's another hellmouth in Cleveland, right? Some of us are investigating!

A librarian makes the switch to culinary arts and invites us along for the ride. I'd recommend this site even if the librarian/culinary artist was not a relation of mine!

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Anonymous said...

Trolleyology, what would you do?
I need more information to decide our course of action. For example, why does being dislocated from a person, the chained, make it easier for us to sacrifice her?
Maybe this sounds bad, but I think the passengers would have to die, unless, for some reason, I felt connected to one or more of them. Then, maybe I would trade places with the chained person, because I don't think I could make that decision for the person. It isn’t my place to decide the fate of one, or many.
But then, one might ask, we’ll then would you sit around and let genocide happen? Or observe a crime without acting to help or prevent? But, I think there are observable differences between the two, freak accidents and intentional acts. (Kind of like the new trend in comparing victims of sexual violence, or other crimes, to victims of hurricanes. It is different, but I digress.)
Hmmm…I guess I need more information to think through this problem.