Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Two asteroids are zooming past us right now. We're sort of hoping for an event like the intro to Thundarr the Barbarian.

If nothing exciting happens, however, there's lots going on this weekend. In Minnesota, they're celebrating the death of Jesse James. In Wisconsin, they're getting ready for the Pardeeville Watermelon Festival (I like the offer to pay helpers in free watermelon). In Massachusetts, the 31st Annual Banjo & Fiddle Contest is taking place, and in Great Britain, they're continuing what seems to be a growing trend of throwing things at each other. This time it's York vs. Lancaster all over again in the 2010 World Black Pudding Throwing Championship.

And finally, if you decide to stay home and curl up with a good book, consider how frightening most fairy tales truly are.


Anonymous said...

RE: Fairy tales

They forgot the Little Red Shoes. I always wondered why she was punished for loving them so much. Who wouldn't love them! They are RED SHOES created to be loved! Sheesh!

The thought of using an ax to cut off her feet completely freaked me out.

I imagined her hobbling around on bloody stumps. Think of bloody veins, slimy muscle, cartladge, fat, and other sloppy wirelike things protuding from the shoes, eew!

Sparkle Queen said...

Banjo & Fiddle Contest takes place just down the road from Chez Sparkle. Come visit!