Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hi there. Folderol will be taking tomorrow off and possibly Monday as well, as I am going under the knife tomorrow morning and can't be held responsible for what I post while on anesthesia and/or painkillers. (If you like medical terminology, this is the best description I could find of what's happening tomorrow; it's part 459786 of my exciting adventures in dentistry.) So today is a mishmash of links from others and a few library-related things, too!

From Zazoo: RIP, Glenn Shadix, also known as Otho in Beetlejuice and the minister in Heathers.

From Cassandra: Darwin's Ascension Island could hold one of the keys to Mars exploration.

From Julie: Behold, the great Penny Farthing Race! 

Also from Julie: Music may be prescribed to help certain ailments. I'm sure my goth/synthpop collection would horrify these scientists. Ha.

What does the future hold for books? The Wall Street Journal asks William Gibson, while the New York Times compares and contrasts pixels and pages.

Have a spiffy Friday and weekend and possibly Monday, too! Back soon.

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