Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi there. I am headed east tomorrow for our annual family 4th of July celebration, so Folderol will be quiet until next Tuesday. (I know, try to get by somehow.) As a result, today is a collection of links from others and some fun stuff I found on my own!

From Julie: Earth's gravity, in high-definition!

From Cassandra: Scary movies, tales of cyborg composers, and the story of the Lost Boys of Cairo.

Retro fun: photos from the Vintage Computing Fair at Bletchley Park!

Futuristic (?) fun: the Coke Zero and Mentos-powered rocket car!

Present fun: a vending machine's offerings, sampled and reviewed.

Have a spiffy week/weekend/holiday, everyone! Safe travels if that's what you're doing; if not, we have recently discovered AudioSurf (a little late, from the looks of it) and highly recommend it if you're staying in. See you Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Re: Scary movies

I watched the Wicker Man at an impressionable young age. Wicker Man and Texas Chainsaw dampened my desire to visit remote places. I always think we are going to happen upon an isolated village on the day they sacrifice some innocents to the gods. The relief at being able to slaughter visitors instead of one of their own thickens the air. We'll sense it, but it will be too late!

Our friend N.E.F. always thinks it's hilarious when we stop to get gas and/or ask directions at some out of the way place and I warn: Yep...They're radioing ahead...
"Yeah buddy we've got some flies for the spider's web. Make sure to set up spikes in the road, they are heading south on route whatever and should be there in about 15 minutes, over and out." Yeah, laugh it up N.E.F. When we bump into the Texas Chainsaw family I can say, "I told ya so!"

Have fun in remote areas the next few days!!!! Teehee