Thursday, January 21, 2010

XKCD discusses the feelings libraries can induce. Wink.

At SpookyLibrarians HQ, we are fairly spooky and interested in the weirder stuff of life, and yet it never occurred to us to style ourselves as "clairvoyant librarians." We totally missed the boat on that one.

News research librarians are still alive and kicking, at least in Canada! Hooray!

Something to shock parents and teachers: texting may actually be good for one's spelling. OMG!

A new column in Library Journal by Aaron Schmidt is all about User Experience, and begins with a quote by Ray and Charles Eames. How can you resist?

We've mentioned the Biblioburro before, but the Polis Blog has a wonderful roundup of library transportation options around the world, including video footage of the Biblioburro in action.

And finally, for the legal students among us, here's a list of the top twenty movies you should watch. Let the arguments begin!

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