Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(Very busy today, sadly. But lots of links!)

Here's a steampunky sort of idea: laptop covers which look like old books. Nifty, aren't they?

L.A. Weekly has a nice writeup (fully illustrated!) of last week's League of S.T.E.A.M.Paranormal Performance.

Sherlock Holmes is back in a big way, even influencing men's fashion. (Yay!)

The always interesting Bibliodyssey has a post on "Victorian infographics."

We end today with a session of "Did You Know?" (tm Sklar Brothers, who are not steampunk at all, but whose bit I am stealing for this section):

 -- DID YOU KNOW that writer and futurist Frederik Pohl has his own weblog?
 -- DID YOU KNOW the Silver Swan, an amazing example of automata, was created in the 1770s?
 -- DID YOU KNOW that Frankenstein and The Wizard of Oz were actually remakes of 1910 films?

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