Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today, those of us in the Cincinnati area are preparing for imminent icy white death (which means, um, 3-5 inches maybe? We tend to overreact to snow round these here parts). In other parts of the world, meanwhile...

- did you know there's a replica of the solar system along Route 1 in Maine? It's true! There is! And we want to see it next time we head down east!

- in Canton, MRX Designs is a fantastic spooky prop maker with a website and an Etsy store and more.

- are you versed in the strange and the abnormal? Take this quiz and see how well you can identify some of the odder holdings in the Wellcome Museum!

- I am wondering if I could get my friends and family to do something like this after I'm gone. Should I start making the list now?


Anonymous said...

I wish and hope and say novenas for snow! It doesn't scare me! It thrills me to think of sleeping late. I really hope we get snowed in. Would that not be dreamy?

RE: Ashes being scattered

It tempts me. I think of places I would like some of my ashes scattered: Brittany, France, the Isle of White, and Pine Mountain, KY.

But, then, I think I may have read too much Amy Tan at an impressionable young age. What if ashes are more than ashes? What if scattered, the dead never rest easy. Being scattered while alive is hard enough!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot to add that I would be happy to travel the world in order to scatter your ashes where you wish. I doubt I will be alive longer than you are, but if so sister, consider your ashes measured and scattered, measured and scattered.

Jinnet said...

Ha, the ashes suddenly sound like a Waffle House special...

We should get together and make up a list!