Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Chrononaut Mechanism giveaway over at Steampunk Empire! Congrats to Velvet, the winner of the pendant. (Giveaways are fun. Maybe I'll do more in the future.)

I am trying to figure out if it'd be easier to wake up if Stephen Fry, as Jeeves, was the voice of the alarm clock. I don't think it would do much for me, but perhaps it would help someone else!

The Etsy Steam Team is taking applications, so if you make steampunky stuff, have at it.

Also from Etsy: Steampunkerie's soaps! The descriptions are well worth a read.

Neon O'Clockworks is a great name, and I'd think that even if they didn't also produce lovely images. Coilhouse shows some of their recent work.

The Breaking Time, which always has great stuff, has an amazing entry on a cinematic version of Dune that never came to be, involving Alejandro Jodorowsky, Salvador Dali, Orson Welles, Pink Floyd, and H.R. Giger, among others. Can you even imagine?

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