Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Final reminder: the giveaway from Chrononaut Mercantile happens this Friday, and anyone who leaves a comment in the blog entry is entered into the drawing for a beautiful handmade pendant! Best of luck to all!

Attention, people of a steampunk persuasion: the World Sky Race is afoot, and I think it is our duty to be as involved as possible in the machinations and schemes and teams. For historical research, I found D’Orcy’s Airship Manual: An international register of airships with a compendium of the airship’s elementary mechanics on Google Books, thanks to The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire!

Where are the jetpacks and flying cars of the future? Well, the flying cars may be closer than you think. (This is yet another reason to get involved in the World Sky Race; who knows when that idiot in front of you on the way to work will get himself/herself a flying car? What then? Best to be on an airship, I think.)

When England was buried in snow last month, steam engines came to the rescue of stranded travelers. It's always good to have a steam engine on hand, apparently.

Beyond Victoriana is a new weblog dedicated to the study of "non-Eurocentric steampunk."  I am thrilled to discover this, since this is a topic which fascinates me and I think deserves all sorts of attention.

If you're planning a wedding, or know someone retro-minded who is, consider the steampunk-themed wedding invitations over at Royal Steamline! (Yes, there's a steampunk-themed wedding industry now, by golly. Wow.)

And lastly, if you're not interested in zeppelining around the globe or winning gorgeous necklaces or reading up on history that never was, you may at least enjoy Clockwords, a Flash game of vocabulary (and, it's true, a mad inventor type and some mechanical insects).

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