Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Via Stephen Fry's Twitter account, here is an image of Trafalgar Square at the 11th hour on this Remembrance/Veterans Day.

Humans are not the only beings who grieve for the dead.

Ancient war news: the remnants of a huge Persian army may have been discovered in the Sahara.

Current war news, sort of: The Global Peace Index rankings are out for 2009. I'd like to move to New Zealand, please. Does anyone there need a couple of librarians?

Cassandra sends in a spooky story about people who have been guided by a "third man" in times of extreme crisis. Angels? One's subconscious? Who knows?

Also, the Large Hadron Collider continues to be plagued with problems. This time, a bird dropped some bread in it. (Maybe it was a bird from the future! Sent to stop the LHC! Hey, it could happen.)

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Anonymous said...

Re: Grieving nonhumans

I think I told you of the cow funeral I happened upon. Very strange and very sad. The cows marched slowly toward, and then circled, another dead cow. Some bellowed mournfully. Others tried, it seemed, to wake up the dead beast by prodding it with their noses. After their cries and attempts at resuscitation, they walked, in a single file, away.

Man, I wish I would have had a video camera. Humans think they have a market on everything, don't they?