Thursday, November 12, 2009

"This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

Anyway. From Julie: a sniff test to preserve old books! Excellent!

From old to new: I am not sure if anyone will be convinced that librarians are going to save the world, but I love the cover of this book due out next year.

The World Press Photo archive is open to anyone who wants to browse all 10,000 images. Hooray!

The Book of Odds is another great new online find. I love these sorts of things.

And finally, the latest from the Pew Internet American Life Project shows that people who spend lots of time online are not isolated socially at all -- in fact, they're more connected. I've been saying that since the internet took off!

Tomorrow: more links from others, and hopefully more time in which to post them.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Social Isolation and New Technology

More connected? Less connected? It seems technology amplifies a person's(or a society's) current state. If one is isolated, then technology could intensify that reality(or perception).

It's funny how many theories about this jockey for position. I guess we will never know the truth because those who study this may let their biases smudge the facts.

One thing, however, is certian. A tragic consequence of this phenomenon which the authors neglected to mention is that these newer technologies expose more people, than just my friends, to my knowitallish opinions. HAHAHAHAHA

Thanks for giving us a forum, Jinnet!