Thursday, November 05, 2009

Google is celebrating Sesame Street's 40th birthday with a great doodle on their homepage. Yay!

My new favorite Twitter contact is the Fake AP Stylebook. Anyone who has had to wrestle with the real stylebook is directed there right now. For instance: "While it's tempting to call them 'baristi' because of the Italian roots, the plural of 'barista' is 'journalism majors.'"

Book-related goodness fills out today's entry. Books are physical and tangible and associated with memories, so they won't die out anytime soon. Rare book libraries are fantastic, and you can visit them all over the country (and world). And finally, you can get all sorts of crazy bookends to keep them upright. (I am not too impressed with most of these, but it's totally worth seeing the Star Wars trash compactor bookend set!)

Tomorrow is Friday, which means links sent in from others. Even you! Go ahead!

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Anonymous said...

Some would leave books in public places and not hoard them as trophies....

That person is also one step away from a barista.....