Thursday, June 18, 2009

For tracking what's going on in Iran at the moment, both Twitter and Flickr are good, continuously updated resources (keep in mind that some of those Flickr images can be brutal).

The Obnoxious Librarian from Hades has been publishing a weblog for two years now, and is holding a contest to celebrate! The deadline is July 25.

One of our local libraries has a great online Darwin exhibit -- go and browse!

Having a photographic memory (or something close to it) is a great help to librarians, but super-recognizers take it to an entirely new level (and should probably be recruited for espionage purposes).

There's talk of testing for legal research skills as part of the bar exam for lawyers, and I would definitely encourage that development.

Speaking of research, this comic imagines what would happen if papers had comments like articles online do. My favorite: "I haven't read the paper yet, but..."

And finally: if you like e-books but miss the smell of old paper, mourn no more, for Smell Of Books is here to help. Also available in scents such as Eau You Have Cats. Ha. May not be available in your locality and/or dimension.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting read on super recognizers. I NEVER forget faces, but I always forget names.

Since you have a photographic memory, what's your take?