Monday, May 11, 2009

You never know who's going to pop up on Twitter these days...

Google is running their annual Doodle contest -- go and check out the nominees and vote for your favorite!

Some various theories on creativity these days include the value of madness and alcohol. Well, if you insist.

Have you ever seen a live performance with a female conductor? I don't think I have, and I've seen a lot of conductors.

And now, your moment of zen, with squirrels. I love the one posing for the photographer.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the articles regarding madness and alcohol and creativity. Those articles capture perfectly why some react with extreme discomfort when being told they are creative or imaginative.

I think "creative" and "imaginitive," at one time, may have been complimentary. The landscape, however, seeems to have changed. Lately, "creative" and "imaginative" are code for "cuckoo for cocopuffs."