Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you've got the bandwidth and the stomach for it, take a look at the cuts in newspaper jobs across the United States. Yikes.

Librarians are also facing a lot of layoffs; LibGig is a helpful job resource.

Fortunately, there are still some news librarians left, and they've got weblogs! The Oklahoman digs back in history and unearths some neat little tidbits.

From Cassandra: the FBI just released a huge amount of material on Bonnie and Clyde, the state-crossing, gun-wielding couple.

Yet another anniversary takes place in 2009: the 500th year since Henry VIII's ascension to the throne. Many tributes are online; the one from the UK's National Archives is among the best.

And finally, from Julie, another look at the world's beautiful libraries (check out the substantial comments section for more links). Click away, appreciate the gorgeous libraries, and wish they were free of all those annoying patrons. (Kidding. Usually, anyway. It's been a long week, even with a holiday to start it off.)

Tomorrow: links from others!

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