Monday, May 18, 2009

And we're back! Photos of the trip will be up shortly. In the meantime, I recommend Bedlam Theatre's "Dali on Tour" production, which I saw Friday night at Coney Island and is touring the country at present. And speaking of live theatre, if you're in Orlando, go see Schave & Reilly's Department of Angels! They are not only our friends, they're gifted performers and deserve lots of attention.

Terrible Yellow Eyes features works inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, so you know the art will be fantastical and fun.

Is Spock a role model for the autistic among us?

The "12 Flickr Superstars" discussion page is a great way to find new artists, if you're looking for photographic inspiration.

And finally, from Holly: Awkward Family Photos. Hilarious, and definitely awkward.

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Anonymous said...

Ok. It’s a Monday and I’m coming down hard from a fantastic trip(BTW: how am I supposed to get back into a routine, to be satisfied with my life, after such a trip?) so I must comment on the Autistic Trekdom posting.

To be fair, I understand the point of the author, I am, as the kids today say, picking up what he’s throwing down, I just disagree with some of it (although I’m glad it offers him and his family hope)

Spock, though, does not always “cherish” his traits that make him different. Throughout the series, and in parts of this film, he constantly struggles with who he is. It is extremely difficult to be a conflicting blend of feeling and logic.