Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Verily, the world is in peril, for immortal jellyfish are roaming the seas. If only we lived in a time of properly intimidating names!

The weekend of February 20 brings the Wicked Faire to New Jersey, and it looks as if it's heavy on the steampunk! The fair's website seems a little shaky, but there's a livejournal community with updates as well.

In nearby New York City, the Dances of Vice group has occasional events throughout the year, and even has Sunday brunches for those in town. Oooo.

Found via the Dances of Vice website: Purevile, fashioner of steampunky things!

A question for the Canadians: has anyone seen Murdoch Mysteries yet? Apparently it takes place in Victorian times and there will be a robot in an upcoming episode!

Hilary (of the excellent Spirits Dancing website) went to Nantes and got to see the mechanical creations of Royal de Luxe (you may remember their amazing mechanical elephant which walked through London two years ago). I think a group excursion to Nantes is in order!

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