Monday, February 02, 2009

Six more weeks of winter, northerners. It's also Imbolc, if that helps any.

In other Celtic news, a new website for Gaelic names of wildlife has just debuted. The BBC article has a nice quote: "The Gaelic for owl is unsurprising - cailleach oidhche, or old woman of the night."

Meanwhile, there is much sadness in Germany and in keyboard circles worldwide, because founding member Florian Schneider has left Kraftwerk after FORTY YEARS. Good lord.

There is much gnashing of teeth in England among grammarians, because apparently the powers that be have decided apostrophes are superfluous. (I'm trying to figure out what they do if it's a singular word ending with s. Princesss Tower?)

I am fine with novels on the web, but am not fine with the word wovel. It sounds like an unholy amalgamation of wombat and hovel, which is probably not what an author wants me to visualize.

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Anonymous said...


Have you heard of the new period rule? No more 2 spaces after the end of a sentence. I guess two spaces is considered wasteful. I don not like! My poor eyes!