Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jules Verne's birthday was last Sunday (February 8). In honor of the occasion, Vernian Process put out a free EP. See what you think!

The Chap is new to me, but not new to the printing world. An upcoming issue is going to be on those weirdo steampunks. Also, the Cincinnati steampunk group was interviewed last week by Hell in a Handbasket for their next issue. We are everywhere. Muhahahaha.

More steampunk entertainment: design your own steampunky Cylon for a contest (deadline is March 16), send death rays to your archenemies, or just enjoy the beautiful machinations of a cold-drip coffeemaker, depending on your mood and alignment.

In the extremely near future, I'm going to be venturing under Brooklyn to explore its abandoned tunnels! I'll report back when I return.

And finally, on a futurist note: the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) was born last week. Let's hope it brings good to the world.

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