Wednesday, February 11, 2009

John Hudgens tells me that American Scary is out on DVD this week! You can see our 15 minutes of fame. (Actually, we haven't seen it yet, so I don't know how much airtime we got. You may see our 21.5 seconds of fame. But hey!)

Also, in honor of Friday the 13th...yet another Friday the 13th movie is coming out. Betsy Palmer, aka the mother of Jason Voorhees, is doing interviews about the films and her role.

If you'd rather have something less scary to watch, I highly recommend the 3-minute version of Twilight as performed by puppets. You could argue the acting and editing is better than the human-performed version...

Although they say right up front that this class will NOT teach you "how to communicate with the deceased," you might still be interested in taking an Introduction to Parapsychology class. It's an online class (no word on whether they also accept astral travel or remote viewing).

Sci-fi people may also be interested in Outshine, a "Twitterzine for optimistic, near future prose poems." Submission details are on the website.

And finally, if you're not into spooky stuff, not into Valentine's Day, and just want something fun to do this weekend, why not pop over to Brighton and check out ModelWorld? It looks entertaining!

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Too cool re: American Scary. So, when's the screening party?