Monday, February 09, 2009

Bits of things this morning, in somewhat fragmented form.

Hans Beck, inventor of Playmobil figures, has died. (According to the linked story, the figures were a flop when they debuted. How things change...)

Who do you think should be in the Shakespeare Hall of Fame? There's one spot open at the moment.

The Library of Congress officially opens its Lincoln exhibit February 12, but you can see some photos already on their Flickr Commons account.

The rules of grammar work differently in comic format. Here's the scoop.

An interview with one of the puppet builders for Coraline shows just how much work goes into creating a few seconds of film.

Grandma's Graphics is an amazing repository of public domain illustrations.

Today we end with a quiz: how many colors can you name in five minutes? (Note: get creative with using adjectives like "dark" and "light" and "bright.")

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