Thursday, May 29, 2008

This week's "weirdo at the library" story comes to you from my own city. We're so proud.

Meanwhile, libraries in the Bay Area are trying something different - books via vending (or, in this case, borrowing) machines at BART stations! Man, would I ever love this.

The powers that be have also sent a sort of library to Mars. I'm not really sure who is going to look at the information, except maybe explorers from a parallel universe with exactly the same DVD technology.

The Boston Globe looks at the recent trend toward using the power of the internet to add detail to historical photos and events. I'm all for this trend, myself. If more people pay attention to history, that can only help places like the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which just released their annual list of the most endangered places in America. You can browse their archives to see former lists as well - in 2006, one of Cincinnati's neighborhoods was on the list. They include updates on the places, too, so you can see if things have improved or deteriorated since their mention.

Tomorrow: Friday! And that means links from others!

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Bill Herald said...

Poor foot fetish fool. All he wants is to love the feet. Give them the lovin' they so deserve.

Or maybeeeeee, he's a disciple reincarnate. During biblical times, he washed the feet of the righteous and continues this important task today. Hey, admit it, you thought it, too. (haha)