Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Can you imagine driving along a highway late at night in a remote area and then turning a curve to see a decotora truck careening toward you, lights blinking and twirling like a Vegas on wheels?

If you prefer your monsters in tinier, more manageable fashion, Readymech has some cute little paper creatures you can construct at home for free! Alternatively, you could stick some Space Invader wall decals up in a room and relive those heady Atari days.

Damn Interesting always has the best...well, damn interesting articles. A recent entry is all about the Wilhelm Scream, which has been used for many a Star Wars stormtrooper's demise.

If you can't have the Wilhelm Scream for a ringtone, why not John Cage's 4:33'? Ha!

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Darren Chase said...

OMFG I *heart* decotora truck