Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tonight I am off to Chicago to see Holly for a long weekend, so today is a combo day.

First off, the library links. I've been remiss in linking to the Library of Congress exhibits, which are always amazing. The Bound for Glory site shows America from 1939-1943 - in color!

Library Stuff has a great idea: the Library 2.0 drinking game at the Internet Librarian conference. I am going to be blogging (live!) from there in a few weeks. I will try not to post anything while drunk.

Here's a timeline in a state of constant flux, for the historians.

A site dedicated to the idea of an old-fashioned Halloween has sprung up, and it's quite lovely and Victorian-looking.

And now, the links from others! From the Graveworm, a fun little addicitive game in which you draw a hill and watch a doomed sled rider wipe out on your creation (read the instructions; I didn't and was confused at first). Also from the Graveworm: "Meanwhile, on Hoth, the rebels are fighting back."

From several sites: the Airport Security Game. It's hard.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday!

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