Friday, October 20, 2006

Today: links from others! Thanks, everyone!

From Holly: Old School Sesame Street and Electric Company DVDs are coming out next week!

From both Holly and Bunny: an exhibit of gay animals in Oslo. Nice scarves there, penguins!

From Bunny: an invisibility cloak is on the way. Oooo.

Also from Bunny: wanna see what happens when you throw a live grenade into a washing machine? Sure you do!

From Glenna: a grisly story about body parts and funeral directors. Never trust a mortician. (I'm kidding, mortician readers; I know you're out there.)

From Zazoo: how WOXY was saved. Long live the future of rock and roll!

Okay. As I've said several times, I'm off to Monterey for Internet Librarian next week, and updates will happen but will be sporadic and probably pretty heavy on library stuff. But there may be pictures too! Have a spiffy weekend, and see you sometime next week.

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