Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Last week the robot planes and taxis were on their way. This week we talk about real robots!

You may remember the Dark M&Ms "find the Scream painting" contest from a month or so ago. Since the painting was discovered almost immediately after the campaign began, the M&M site has a new contest: see how many scary movie titles you can identify in this painting.

With Celestia, you can pretend you're in space and zoom about the galaxy. Fun stuff. If you're feeling more earthbound, you can save up solar energy in a jam jar and use it at night to light your way (I think these would be awesome).

The new James Bond movie had a haunted plane on the set, according to crew members. Er, okay...

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Anonymous said...

That Sun Jar does look pretty cool.

Did you notice the "Newton's Cradle" lamp? How frustrating would that be to have around?