Friday, October 13, 2006

It's (Spooky) Links from Others Day again. Thanks, everyone!

From Joseph: how to be properly evil, and (unrelated, unless you hate anagrams) the Internet Anagram Server.

From Courtney: the one, the only Fangoria!

From Glenna: a live production of Night of the Living Dead in California and a top ten list of immortals.

From Dr. Soooper Sloow Mann: the Yeah Yeah Yeahs invade Project Runway, and the birds and bees you learn about might be gay.

From Bunny: they're thinking of tracking airline passengers with RFID. Lovely.

From the Graveworm: the Battle of the Album Covers (genius).

Have a spiffy weekend and wonderfully spooky Friday the 13th, everyone! See you Monday.

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