Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hi there. Internet Librarian is coming up and I've been way behind in current library events (due to work, ironically enough). I've been missing out on some great stuff going on in library weblogs, like the Digital Librarian meeting Mr. T and Target's new naughty librarian Halloween costume (!) and this ad for a fake 1987 library workout tape, which is hilarious to anyone who either has worked in a library or lived through the '80s. See, library weblogs are awesome.

Also, Al Gore is going to speak at the SLA conference in Denver next year. I'm scheming a way to go.

It's another day of linking to Dark But Shining, this time for a collection of great Halloween books for kids.

And finally, many librarians quoted in this article are going to be at Internet Librarian. Come to Monterey and meet them! And say hi to the shy spooky librarian in the corner!

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