Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October! Today we start the spooky links, plus some non-spooky bits as well for those of you not so attracted to the darkness. The first contributions: Headless Historicals , featuring a bevy of beautiful (albeit decapitated) dolls, and the Hippopotamouse Gallery, a spooky smorgasbord of Victorian surrealism. Ooooh, ahhhhh.

You can't keep a good station down; WOXY has once again risen from its deathbed! You go, 97X!

It turns out that art for the blind can get sort of annoying to its target audience; there's only so much tactile sensation one can take. This is an interesting piece on what art means to the sightless.

Was Shakespeare hungover while writing his plays? Well, sure, I bet he was, at least part of the time.


Dawn said...

Steak and Shake ... like Mon or Tues ?

Jinnet said...

Yes! Either day is good with me!