Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dark But Shining has an excellent post which points out the similarities between today's alleged alien abductions and yesteryear's alleged faerie abductions. Spooky, fascinating psychological stuff.

Today's theme: crazy animals! Elephants are attacking humans to the point that there's an actual "Human Elephant Conflict" (HEC) category among researchers. (Thanks, Glenna!) The bones of a giant camel have been discovered in Syria (thanks, Mr. Graveworm). And then there are those freaky record store cats...

If you want to harass your fellow man (or woman), consider the Pikashoe. Zap! Pika pika! Or, if you're feeling friendlier, you could try playing Cruel To Be Kind, the game of benevolent assassination. Kill them with kindness!


Bill Herald said...

Re: Elephants. Are we in a 1970's SNL skit?

Elephant knocks on door.
Family: Who's there?
Elephant: Pizza Man.
Family: Who?
Elephant: Pizza Man.

I know I'm easy but is it not hilarious?

Anonymous said...

I thought that Classic SNL skit involved land sharks instead of elephants. Either way, it is still funny and I will use this skit on people periodically.

Bill Herald said...

You're right! The SNL skit was Land Shark, he would knock on the door and mumble, "Plumber, did someone call a plumber?."

I tend to make connections where there are none, however. So, I immediately thought of Land Shark when I read the article about elephants.